Sometimes, combining more than three types of clothing with different patterns and/or bright colors might make your
overall outfit feel scattered or distracting. With this inspo, we’ll be mix-matching two subtle tones (black and white,
to be more specific), and top it off with a shade that would compliment both colors to fully tie everything together.

Instead of replicating the exact same bomber from our week’s inspo, we at A + D decided to switch it up a notch and
give the outfit a little more flare. If the weather ever gets warmer later on in the afternoon,
I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of having to take it off and carry it around everywhere, correct?

By wearing our Structured Cape Blazer, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will it give you the right
amount of warmth and breeze due to its fashionable slit, but will also totally give you a slimmer figure since it’s not too fitted,
yet makes your arms look elongated. Oh! And of course, it’s fashionable and appropriate for any occasion.

If you’re not feeling the blazer and would like to just keep things simpler, our Ultra Stretch Tank Top is every girl’s must-
have. Pair it with whatever your heart desires and guaranteed, it will still look good regardless. What else are you
waiting for?! Show us YOUR interpretation from this inspired took and be sure to tag us your creation!

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[Written Content By: Jillian Domigpe]