“Hot” Spring

Apr 3, 2017 3:53:33 PM

(Photo: instagram.com/kitandace)
Brighten up the usual gloomy and rainy days this spring with a hot kick of style.
On this week’s trend report, Alexander + David will teach you how to wear comfortable apparel that would suit anyone well during this recent conflicted temperature change.
Thanks to @kitandace, we were inspired to achieve a similar casual, yet bold statement.

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The Knit-ty Gritty

Feb 26, 2017 6:20:43 PM

(Photo: @eileenfisherny)


You’re in luck, ladies! Looks like the baggy knits are here to stay for quite some time; so if you’ve been delaying on your gym membership, this could be a reasonable alibi. Several influential brands refuse to let go of this certain fashion piece… I mean, why would they?! After all, it’s comfortable AND stylish.


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How to Wear a T-Shirt: Part Two

Oct 31, 2016 10:27:48 AM

(Photo: pinterest/the zoe report)

In an earlier post we showed you how to wear a t-shirt by rocking a little knot for something form fitting
and cool. Link here: http://alexanderdavid.com/blog/cat/TrendAlert/post/alexanderdavid.com78/

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