Alexander + David is a fast growing online company featuring contemporary affordable fashion to customers that live a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Our collections are in style, in sync and feminine chic. We aspire to create fashion that encourages our customers to feel creative, edgy and innovative. Although we are growing rapidly, we need help from bloggers like you to help spread the 'Alexander + David' on the street.

Some Alexander + David knowledge:

• All of our collections are affordable.

• We do our best to carry unique items that cannot be found on other online outlets.

• Coordinating NEW weekly trends makes Alexander + David an influencial resource for style and inspiration.

• We are proud to provide efficent shipping methods, so our customers look hotter quicker!

You can be part of Alexander + David and grow with us! It's seriously so simple - all you need to do is feature our banner ads on your website or blog. As an approved publisher, you’ll receive 8% of any purchase that’s made as a result of someone clicking on your ad. Pretty rad, right?

Like you, we're creative and professional so our banners are updated frequently with artistic photography and graphics.

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